Kink Safety

We at Operation Hammond believe that anyone engaging in kink or fetish activities should take basic precautions to ensure the safety of all parties involved. Use the recommendations provided on this page as a good starting point. We understand that there are many different ideas, concepts, and mentalities that encompass the kink and fetish community. It is not our intention to define what definitive safety precautions one must take for any kink or fetish activity. Our aim is to encourage and build a culture of awareness and safety.

In any sort of kink or fetish activity, event or situation we recommend the following: 

  • Obtain enthusiastic and positive consent from all participating parties.
  • Take time to conduct basic research or have experience in the intended activity, event or scene before hand.
  • Use proper personal protection equipment for whatever activity, event or scene you or your partners are engaged in.
  • Have some level of CPR and/or First Aid training.
  • Know the location of the closest AED. To learn what an AED is and how they save lives click here.
  • Have a basic evacuation plan.
  • Abstain from any illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Have a First Aid or Emergency Kit handy. Make sure it is easily accessible
  • Know where the emergency exits are.

To those new to the community, or those intending to engage in or try out a kink or fetish, we highly recommend you take a class or consult one of the many kink and fetish organizations beforehand. 

There are many classes and helpful information available from our kink partners at the New England Leather Alliance and The Eulenspiegel Society.